What to see in Romagna

What to see in the surroundings of Riccione

Those who love the Middle Ages and the sacred atmosphere of that era must visit Gradara. The town is a perfectly preserved ancient village where the balconies are laden with flowers, there are amphorae and vases with plants everywhere.

The atmosphere is enchanting and the scenery fascinating. It is beautiful to walk around the city walls and take a detour to the Historical Museum with its rich collection of medieval artifacts. Special mention should be made of the Castle of Gradara; romantics of the love story between Paolo and Francesca will remember it without fail. The story goes that it was in this stronghold that the love between the two lovers was consummated.

The town can be reached from the A14 Cattolica exit.

One of Romagna’s best-known festivals, the Palio del Daino is held in Mondaino in late August. It unites the contrade of Mondaino, Borgo, Castello, Contado and Montebello that compete to win the palio.

There are swordsmen, knights, ladies, merchants and jugglers. Actors and actresses in period costume parade through the alleys, lanes and the central square transformed into an open-air theater. The town is linked to the Malatesta family and the vicissitudes that affected this dynasty.

The imposing 14th-century Rocca Malatestiana (Malatestian Stronghold), which houses the Palaeontological Museum of the tripoli mondainese, is worth seeing. The town can be reached from the A14 highway, Cattolica exit.

Impossible not to mention San Marino, the small state that has been able to keep European armies and powers subdued. There are churches, basilicas, museums and palaces to admire for their beauty and architecture.

Worth visiting are the three Towers “Guaita, Cesta and the Montale Tower” that encircle the city and bring back that medieval atmosphere typical of this territory. But the beauty of San Marino is San Marino itself, the city is to be explored on foot, with comfortable shoes and a bottle of water especially in summer because it is hot. This is the only way to admire the views, the narrow streets, the portals of the houses. Or discover the many beautiful stores selling handicrafts and souvenirs.

It can be reached from the A14 with the Rimini Sud exit or by bus with the San Marino-Rimini line.

Moving inland from Romagna, in the province of Rimini, we find the village of San Leo, which Umberto Eco described as “the most beautiful town in Italy.”

And beautiful it really is because of the view over the Marecchia Valley to the sea, the fort and the churches. It is a city of art that exudes history everywhere: from the little defiled street to the small house with a flowered window. The central square is surrounded by historic buildings such as the Palazzo Mediceo, Palazzo Della Rovere and other houses dating between the 14th and 19th centuries.

It was recognized in 2012 as a Jewel City of Italy by the Ministry of Tourism. It can be reached from the A14 highway by exiting at the Rimini Nord exit.

For those who love beautiful views and want to spend a different day we recommend visiting Montefiore, which with its Malatesta Fortress opens a window on the beautiful Valconca.

Located in the province of Rimini, among hills and villages far from mass tourism, where it is possible to breathe pure air and take long walks immersed in an enchanted and timeless atmosphere. Highly popular is the “Rocca di luna” festival that takes place in July during the week of the full moon. For the occasion there are performances, music, dances. It can be reached from the A14 highway, Cattolica exit.

Equip yourself with a helmet, flashlight and good boots because a visit to the Onferno Caves should be done prepared. And if you are a lover of trekking and adventure, this route is just the thing for you.

You are going to discover an underground world of passages carved into the rock, tunnels and bats. And included in the ticket is also admission to the Nature Museum and Botanical Garden. The route is not complicated and is also suitable for children who will find it enjoyable. A fascinating adventure different from the usual that leaves everyone speechless. The caves can be reached from Provincial Road 31 to Coriano and continue on SP 18 towards Gemmano.

It is a medieval town of ancient origins, surrounded by green hills and nature trails. It is much appreciated by tourists both for its historical and artistic beauty and for its unspoiled nature.

Famous are its fairs that have always attracted people from all over the Rimini hinterland and its monuments. Santarcangelo is also known for its Tufa Caves. Tunnels underground whose origin is still uncertain. The town is well connected with all the main roads and the A14 freeway, Rimini Nord exit, has a train station, and there are many buses to and from Santarcangelo.

In the western part of Rimini lies the town of Verucchio, which overlooks the Marecchia valley.

It is a village with very ancient origins; finds and grave goods have shown the presence of an Etruscan civilization in this area.

It is full of agritourisms and wineries where you can taste excellent Romagna wines. The historic center is medieval and aggregates museums, churches and small restaurants perched around the Rocca Malatestiana fortress. Verucchio can be reached from the A14 motorway with the Rimini Nord exit.