What to see in Riccione

10 things to see in Riccione

It is the best-known street in Riccione, the center of the nightlife, the shopping street. A long avenue that runs through the historic center to the sea full of stores, bars, restaurants and piadina restaurants.

Viale Ceccarini is always crowded and in summer turns into an attractive venue for events and festivals. People flock to this stretch of road to meet, have a drink or store in the stores.

It is a pedestrian island, with no cars whizzing by and no smog. Taking quiet walks around here is a must as well as a pleasure. Viale Ceccarini is the beating heart of the city, impossible not to go there

Portocanale is Riccione’s harbor where boats, ferries and small ships dock. It is one of the most appreciated tourist attractions where you can enjoy seafood recipes in the characteristic little restaurants overlooking the sea.

It is a romantic place and beloved by couples seeking shelter from the large downtown crowds. It can accommodate up to 500 boats and consists of two small piers. It is often transformed into an open-air theater thanks to shows and parties that enrich Riccione’s already vast carnet of summer events.

Beaches in Riccione offer a lot in terms of services and reception. They are equipped, controlled and glamorous. They have everything needed for fun and entertainment. From beach volleyball, bowls and five-a-side soccer fields to tournaments complete with sponsors and a final cup to music, parties and lots of entertainment. They are well-maintained, clean and supervised by qualified lifeguards.

They include the best-known beaches near Viale Ceccarini and those with dedicated family services such as babysitting, nursery and stroller rental.

It is not difficult to participate in the many summer courses, on the beach, to learn how to make the original version of piadina romagnola. Many beaches are also pet-friendly with areas dedicated just to our four-legged friends.

Riccione pedestrianized promenade stretches from Portocanale to Piazzale San Martino for 1560 meters of coastline.

A beautiful walk to take either on foot or by bicycle to admire the sea, luxury hotels and stay in close proximity to the bathing establishments. Flowerbeds, trees, fountains of ultra-modern design and then benches and gazebos with small tables. Checkers or backgammon is played and both young and old are challenged. It has no steps, making it accessible even to those with disabilities.

In Piazzale San Martino there is the famous globe built of many colored pieces of marble and the 44th parallel that splits the waterfront in two.

Riccione is not only sea and sun, but also spas and wellness. Here people take spa treatments with water rich in minerals, such as hydrogen sulfide, which treats skin and bronchial problems and improves health.

The famous “cioca” water that smells like rotten egg was known since ancient times and has always been used as a remedy for many ailments. There are four sources of water in the Riccione hot springs, we have Celestina, Riccione Claudia, Adriana and Isabella. Four springs that cross a very long path under the hills of Riccione.

These extraordinary waters are used to make mud baths, treatments, massages, inhalations. They regenerate the body and mind, which calms down and finds the right balance for a healthier life.

It is a 110,000sqm theme park with many attractions and the dolphin and raptor show. It is located a few kilometers from the hotel and has different trails where you can admire different animal species in their natural habitat and take long walks.

The facility especially offers children engaging shows that will leave them speechless. The aquarium is large and allows you to see dolphins up close. A must for anyone coming to Riccione, especially recommended for those who have young children and want to spend a different day than usual.

Aquafan is a water park with many attractions for all ages. It’s the most fun way to spend summer holidays amid music, shows, water games, dips in the pool complete with waves and just as many relaxing areas with sunbeds and umbrellas.

There is fun, laughter and sharing to be had. Aquafan is located at the A14 highway exit and can be reached both by car and by main public transportation. It is surrounded by greenery, has many slides, and the atmosphere is cheerful and youthful.

This is one of the most important sea turtle recovery centers where it is possible to see up close the work done by veterinarians, biologists and volunteers as well as witness the moment when the healed turtles are released back into the wild.

It is a very emotional moment that leaves a wonderful feeling especially for kids. The Turtle Hospital is located in front of Bath 44 so directly on the waterfront. It has several indoor tanks for tortoises and a room with a display of shells. To be supported is the adopt-a-turtle caretta-caretta initiative.

It is one of Riccione’s most famous beaches, run by the Ravaglia family for generations. It offers many amenities from a swimming pool with a Jacuzzi to the possibility of bringing your own small dog under the umbrella.

It provides free parking for customers. And its animations are appreciated by all. Children particularly like it because of the sunbeds and umbrellas tailored to the little ones, complete with a baby toilet, mini pool with hot water and play area. It is a beach for those who want to have fun and have a good time together, but also for those who don’t give up comfort.

On Caprera Street stands the Angolanti Castle, whose history is linked to this noble Florentine family. The building dates back to the first half of the 14th century, but it is not excluded that there was an earlier structure. It also hosted Queen Christina of Sweden in the 17th century.

Several documents mention this castle as one of Riccione’s most beautiful strongholds. Over time it underwent several remodels, and from the 18th century, after the death of the heir, it passed to different families until the 1980s when it was given to the municipality. After a long restoration, the castle has returned to its former glory and hosts cultural events and festivals.

A playground for all children, including those with disabilities. It was built in Resistance Park and is accessible to everyone. No architectural barriers, here all little ones can get on the rides.

It includes tactile paths, swings with different seats, slides; even the park map is written in braille. A 450sqm area in the center of Riccione’s green lung. Instead, the whole park is 110,000sqm large, has a beautiful pond and is surrounded by trees, oaks, limes, maples, elms and many flowers. An ideal place for walking and being in touch with nature, even in the city.

Riccione is a child-friendly city and offers many services to families traveling with children. Its strong point is the possibility of leaving the car at home or in the parking lot and walking. Take long and beautiful walks in absolute tranquility on the Lungomare della Libertà, in Viale Ceccarini (pedestrian island), in the Parco della Resistenza, and let’s not forget the beach.

Clean and well-maintained, it allows children and adults to walk on the shoreline while going in search of shells or pebbles to take home as a souvenir of the vacations.